Who will invade the US ? ? ?

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Who will invade the US ? ? ?

Well, we all know it is fairly unlikely, it's a rather inconvenient undertaking but, all those armed civilians would be considered as terrorists, hiding behind women and children.

In Afghanistan, each man has a weapon to protect his home and family, because he's free.
In the US, each man has a weapon to protect his home and famly, because he's free.
Armed civilians in Afghanistan don't wear uniforms.
Armed civilians in the US don't wear uniforms.

If, tomorrow morning, some country decides to invade the US and hunt down all those that works for Monsanto, for their crimes against healthy eating, all the armed civilians will be labelled dangerous terrorists and could expect to get shot at first sight.

Is it possible, for the average American, to grasp the idea that invaders always become the enemy and fair game for any patriots and that armed civilians are filthy cowards ?

If the US were to invade my country, I certainly would try to apply this rule :

"Kill an American each day, it will drive the invader away".

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