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Re: Predictable outcome.

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I post from a entirely personal viewpoint intended to make a point of how I view things, and two things happen:

Someone still attempts to "correct" me in some way, as though my purely subjective approach is flawed.

A couple of people use up space that would better be served by a genuine discussion of the topic to bicker like children and show off photos.

And some folks wonder why others consider them trolls.

Interestingly enough, little attention has been paid to my point about my efforts to develop a certain style. I thought that might raise some questions, but I'm wondering about the degree to which participants on this thread simply don't think about it. Which explains some things...LOL

No comments and lots of "likes". Maybe because you said something manifestly sensible?

Shhhhhh... if that part about being sensible gets out, who knows what could happen next. Thread after thread about how to actually use Olympus cameras to produce photos might start appearing. Then where would we be?

Thread after thread about how to actually use Olympus cameras to produce photos have ALREADY appeared, and have been appearing for many years. It's just that you have chosen to fixate on other stuff.

Come on, Charles. You've been on DPR long enough that you should have seen this coming a mile away, as most people probably did even before they opened your thread. If you really, truly wanted to talk about tonality or your personal style, you might have simply said so in the title. Why was it necessary to invoke FF and equivalency arguments here? You know full well that's like lighting a match at a gas station. Why even post in the micro four thirds forum to begin with? I would think you would want to hear from photographers using a variety of equipment. Overall, in this thread you do not give the impression of being someone who wants to discuss photography. You come off more like a guy who wants to point out the foibles of the masses and make sure everybody knows he's above it all. And this thread confirmed it for you, didn't it?

I often come away from surfing DPR feeling annoyed by some of the stupidity I encounter here, but if I'm honest with myself, I have to admit that it's more my own fault than anybody else's. DPR is a huge and incredibly diverse community, populated by people with a wide spectrum of viewpoints and photographic interests. There should be something here for almost everybody.

Every once in a while, someone on some DPR forum will announce, "I've had it with this place. All everybody does is bicker pointlessly. I'm out of here!" Last time that happened, I had just posted a question about a technical issue I was having with a flash unit, and several people kindly responded with DIY suggestions that saved me from what might have been a costly repair job. I wondered if I was even on the same forum as the guy who was saying how horrible it was. When I've wanted a philosophical conversation or a technique discussion, I've mostly been able to get that, too.

I'm starting to realize that everybody walks away from here with exactly the experience they seek. It's just that we may not realize that we are seeking conflict or something other than what we purport.

If you had gone to the Open Talk forum and titled your thread something like, "Tonality, color response, and personal style" and not succumbed to the temptation to make editorial comments about other people's posting habits, I'm willing to bet things would have gone down a whole lot differently. It might well have turned into a debate about sensor size, but at least it would be more about how that affects tonal response than what you wound up with here. And I'm absolutely certain you would have also gotten several responses along the lines of what you claim to have been seeking here.

It's not too late to start another thread using this approach, if you're really interested in having that discussion.


Except, Julie, I didn't want to talk about just tonality and my personal style. I wanted to talk about why I find FF vs m4/3 arguments of little value to me personally, and invited others to do the same. It's no surprise that some of the "usual suspects" did what they usually do: I simply remarked on them having done so. The comments about tonality have been constructive (at least in regards to those who understand the concept), and a few have mentioned style.

So Julie, instead of fixating on what you thinkI mean and preach at me about that, read what I have actually posted and offer an opinion on the OP.

You're preaching to me about preaching?  YOU are the one who was complaining about how your thread didn't get the kind of response you wanted, and you went on to ridicule some of the people who responded and also make a snarky comment about how there are no threads about how to actually use Olympus cameras, when that is patently false.  I remarked on that and why I thought things happened the way they did.  If you want to blame it all on other people and not reflect at all on whether you might bear partial responsibility for the way things turned out, go ahead, and enjoy your DPR experience.


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