the current "poor man's Leica"?

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jorge rubia Regular Member • Posts: 132
Re: the current "poor man's Leica"?

jeff hladun wrote:

Sorry to disappoint if digital is what you want. Taking my cue from James, the next best thing to a Leica rangefinder is the Hasselblad XPan rangefinder. It uses 35mm film, but offers a technically true 2 1/4 inch medium format image in a 3:8 ratio. It is my second most used camera after the Leica M7; many people prefer to use it for landscapes, but I find it invaluable on the street. It's much less expensive (can only be bought used) than a Leica, although I wouldn't classify it as being in a "poor man's" category.

Great choice Jeff. These are amazing cameras -I have both versions of the body (1 and 2) and all three lenses. They are, however, not cheap and very difficult to come by. Pity they don't bring out a digital version of that camera, though the price would be sky-high. The lenses are superb and a joy to use. You are reminding me to shoot more with them.



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