So - when are higher resolution m43 sensors going to appear?

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Re: Jonas .... two problems

Franka T.L. wrote:

Humbly I fully agree with you, and the real issue is : are there enough of a market for such a product range ( I say range because just the body will not made the grade ) and for now I suppose it would take a very optimistic customer to say a certain yes to that question.

The other part is how the customer would be expecting for such a body ( or the range ) ; right now I say plenty of M4/3 customer are placing plenty of unrealistic , irrational , and simply unattainable constraints. So say the OP want that 40MP M4/3 body, right now, but how many of M4/3 lens can actually perform that well ???

What do you mean by "that well"?  There seems to be an underlying assumption in your thinking, that a sensor should record a red pixel next to a blue one, or a white one next to a black one, with full contrast.  A sensor can not possibly record that way without giving oodles of artifacts.  Nothing in the real world is like that.  A sensor has to capture the projection of a lens in such a way that contrast is fairly low between neighboring pixels, in order to record without artifacts; a virtually analog capture.

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