K01, who is "ugly" now?

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Zvonimir Tosic
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Yes, but Ricoh was not willing to pay for it

anthony mazzeri wrote:

That's a good comparison to show how small the K-01 really is. If they had just made the body thin like the A7 with just the mount section protruding out, it would have overcome its major obstacle of being perceived as too bulky. Basically the A7 with the A_mount adapter is what the K-01 should have been shaped like. Even the EVF too, why not.

So there you have my K-02 prediction.

Yes, you are right,

But instead, Ricoh has approved K-01 approach, because it was cheap. No EVF, slow buffer, bad LCD, barely usable AF before the first firmware. Couldn't be cheaper than that.

At the time, Ricoh was not willing to accept any expenditure on new projects, and that is why we have K-01 as it is, and endless rehashes since.

The K-3 was the first project really funded from the beginning, which was late 2012 / early 2013.

Now they are 2+ years behind the curve, when even the village fool has a mirrorless camera that is soundly designed.

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