Kodak introducing m43 lenses?

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Re: Is not Polaroid mount

hindesite wrote:

these are the same people who are trying to pass off their Polaroid ILC camera as m43, when it clearly isn't anything like it.

I wouldn't support this company when there are good alternatives available.

And as to having the Kodak logo on a lens hood? No thanks!

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The images exif show that were taken with an OM-D EM-5, so that rules out the Polaroid ILC scam.

As for the Kodak logo, I really don't care, if the lenses have good price and quality, I'll get them. Nothing a cotton swab with a bit of nail polish remover can't take care of

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Indeed, having more options as a consumer is rarely a bad thing... The biggest question will be how it compares against the PanaLeica. I've got the Oly 45 and Panasonic's 20, this might be tempting given the price.

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