***Anyone here have the new RX100 II and the old DSC-R1 from 2005?***

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Re: ***Anyone here have the new RX100 II and the old DSC-R1 from 2005?***

I used to own an R1 and now shoot exclusively with the RX100m2 so I have files from both systems and I can simply say the RX100m2 gives me a more pleasing image which for me is the bottom line. More pleasing in terms of color, dynamic range, variable focus and especially low light versatility. Then you get into size and convenience and the little camera with the big picture  is an obvious winner. I would be tempted by the RX1 but the lens isn't wide enough for me. Now the devil returns with the A7r around his neck. 36m pixels? How long will this obsession with the hyper-real continue? I predict a reaction against it in the not far future - we'll start to see the rise of neo-pictorialism - people floating through the sky swathed in layers of gauze. But congratulations to Sony for always being on the front line in terms of innovation.

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