Need to shoot NOW with GPS support on ZS30 - HOW?

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Re: Need to shoot NOW with GPS support on ZS30 - HOW?

Pete -=

You can leave the GPS on and it will update itself (location) periodically.  It remains active even when the camera is turned off, so it will be using battery power then as well.  This speeds things up considerably as the GPS usually ihas already "relocated  itself" when you turn the camera back on.  Check that the GPS icon has 3 blue dots showing.  It is then "good to go."  Make sure you hae a fully charged spare battery if you do that, as there is a constant battery useage whenever the GPS is on - even when the camera itself is turned off.  Also, load the map data from the disk that comes with the camera onto your SD card.  It gives faster and more detailed GPS data.  Then - here's the catch - remember that when you format the card the map data you loaded is lost - so you have to reload it - OR instead of formatting the card so often, just hit delete all.  The map data will remain for your next shoot.  If you turn the GPS off - as you should when you store the camera or when it will not be used for some time - it will then take a few minutes to relocate itself - but will do so faster if you have the "map data" on your card.  I hope that helps.  Peace.

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