So who's buying the new Android m4/3 camera?

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Re: Absolutely

Almost certainly will; even if it is not a "proper" camera, the combination of Android built in, and all that goes with it, plus the ability to use all of my lenses (m4/3 and adapted) make this pretty compelling as an addition to my m4/3 system. assuming the IQ is acceptable, and I would be surprised if it isn't usable, even if not as good as current m4/3 cameras.

It will be very interesting to see what apps are specifically developed for it and the cameras to come; also what new uses will be found for this hardware. Maybe, finally, we'll get decent and customisable remote viewing and control.

This is a huge step for m4/3 as a system, and I hope it is successful. What a shame that Panasonic and Olympus didn't do this first.

I know one of the attractions of the Samsung Galaxy cameras was just that it ran Android; people ignored the fact that the lens system doesn't have the critical mass that m4/3 seems to have, and IQ is so good now that it is hardly a consideration.

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My Panasonic M43 has a pretty good wifi remote viewing and control implementation, their Android app is easily more feature packed that the equivalent ones I've seen from Sony/Olympus etc... It's not really exclusive to M43 tho, their current year P&S have the same Wifi/NFC features and controls.

I'm a huge Android fanboy, I've had three different phones in 3.5 years and I'll probably get the Nexus 5 next month, two tablets and counting too (OG Transformer and recently a 2013 Nexus 7). I've rooted all my devices, I've run custom ROMs on them, I've made manual modifications, I've dabbled in app development, and I tinker with simpler stuff all the time like Tasker scripting etc.

Despite all that, I frankly haven't seen any Android/camera hybrid that's even remotely interesting... Running Android isn't a value add the way manufacturers have handled it... Uploading directly to FB or Instagram isn't much of a draw if I still have to tether the camera to my phone to get online.

If I'm gonna do any extensive browsing or image manipulation I might as well do it on my phone's larger screen (not to mention faster processor and larger battery), or my tablet's, and it's already pretty trivial to access those photos over wifi or simply using a USB OTG cable/reader... Canon, Oly, Panasonic, and Sony already have this pretty well covered. The only thing they have to do is improve/implement remote control.

The problem with the way manufacturers have implemented Android so far on cameras is that it's just as closed down as on a carrier phone. The Magic Lantern guys have probably implemented far more wholly third party features than you'll ever see on any of these cameras (while hacking a pretty closed system).

Wake me up when someone releases an Android camera with a well developed and open API that actually empowers developers, not just something that can run the same apps as my phone witthat has a worse UI and control layout than any non Android equivalent.

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