Any noise from 25mm f1.4

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Re: Any noise from 25mm f1.4

Is that common across other lenses? I hear something similar from my Oly 45, seems to make that faint sound tho only when shook in one direction (and not the other)... I didn't go looking for this nor did I start shaking it after I read the thread btw, I shook it around when I unpacked it last weekend because I wasn't real happy with the way DPR's Gearshop packed it (large air bags suck, a third of them always arrive deflated). It's the first M43 lens I've bought (really, my first lens period) and I haven't even gotten around to testing it or comparing it vs the kit zoom; new GF6's been sitting idle and teasing me while I deal with a broken water pipe at home.

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