Moment of truth: Ricoh Imaging Russia tells the future plans

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Zvonimir Tosic
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Moment of truth: Ricoh Imaging Russia tells the future plans

Ricoh Imaging Russia confesses :

  1. FF will come next year. Not later than Photokina 2014. Maybe, on spring or summer, 2014.
  2. New DFA lenses will be offered. New f2.8 zooms will be made too.
  3. New Limited Zoom will be real too.
  4. New WR lenses will be launched.
  5. K-01 is failed because of design. Mirrorless cameras - Ricoh will offer something new.
  6. New 645D will come later than previously thought. It will be different from 645D. It was planned to launch the 645DII this year, but the situation has changed.
  7. SMC DA LIMITED are discontinued.

Now a moment or recollection. What this confession tells us in retrospective?

Let's look back at the timeline of events.

— More than likely, Ricoh started development of anything new only after the Photokina 2012, and in early 2013. It could be concluded from the interviews done at that time.

— That is why in the end of 2013 they have nothing else to show but a bit prematurely released K-3 and endless rehashes (K-3 was originally scheduled for mid-November according to Pentax sources, but the wild September 5th rumours turned Pentax community upside down in disappointment).

— It also shows that Ricoh have not funded development of anything new prior to 2013, because if it were true, we'd see some of it by now — even a new lens or TC.

— Ricoh had literally waited 15 months to start thinking what to do next with Pentax. Indeed, they were facing a big company-wide restructure, and have missed an important camera development cycle. Now they must make a more significant step and technological shift than before. Therefore delays.

— If the Pentax part of the company was protesting about it, that Ricoh delays funding and misses important development cycles, losing and thinning out endlessly waiting Pentax userbase only to appear as a non-risk-taking in front of Ricoh shareholders (and thus to keep the share prices stabile) no wonder they had (reported) HR issues. In this case, perhaps both were right, but one had to step down and shut up.

— When they've seen how other manufacturers are recently nuking the market with FF bombs, finally Ricoh Imaging Russia feels to address the company's legendary poor communication issue, and at least reassure fans they indeed are working, and when is reasonable to expect things they are working on. Inadvertently, they are also asking for some good faith.

— "To be number 3 imaging company in 4 years" story was obviously a sweet little lie told by Ricoh Imaging USA, to buy precious time before their own fans and users.

5. and 6. from the list are bit unclear. "Failed because of design" may mean lots of things, not only Newson's postmodern industrial design indulgence. K-01 had a slow buffer, no EVF option of any kind, poor LCD quality, and only first firmware update made it somewhat AF worthy. To me it was a quickly half-baked camera with poorly designed specs, not only controversial looks.
What to make out of 645DII, I have no idea, nor conclude anything about why it was postponed.

And I presume many users in this forum somehow felt that 2014 may be the year when Pentax situation may be clearer. However, all this does not deter anyone from getting a K-3. I personally think that those who like DSLRs, a K-3 is one helluva camera.

Intelligent comments welcome.

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