i5 4200U vs i7 4500U in photoshop

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Re: i5 4200U vs i7 4500U in photoshop

Yes im aware of that... But it seems impossible to get powerfull enough laptop with not great but decent screen...i had asus ROG 2 years ago loaded and it was awesome , except the screen. New ones are better ( matte) but still look horrible conpared to macs or top 13" underpowered ultrabooks.
And if i got 2000" 17" 10 lbs beast ( which i wouldnt mind really) it better have great video card for gaming. I know i can get pro or business type laptop with excellent screen but im not interested in ati fire or nvidia quattro
I really dont want to spend 2000-2500 on laptop again being the technology obsoletes so riduculously fast.
I wish i could build bad a$$ pc again for 500-800$ but unfortunaltely i need a laptop as a road warrior :/

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