i5 4200U vs i7 4500U in photoshop

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Re: Yoga 2 scaling

I believe i have read the thread you linked...
Jury is still out i guess :/
Ive also heard rumored yellow / orange tones being way off...
Idk i looked at a LOT of my old images on yoga 2 in bb, and these for example in partucular looked just about identical to my older calibrated samsung 22 " ( non ips) i have at home so idk what is all the fuss about...

Ive really been looking for 4th get macbook air. But no, apple decided to drop a ball again. I dont need such ridiculous resolution on 13" laptop like retina or yoga 2
Simple 1920x 1080 would be great and im really disappointed that apple didnt come thru...
Plus all air models had very obvious pink/ magenta/ red tint to their screens ( last 2, didnt check the 4th one in person yet) . It might calibrate ok but i prefer as good colors as possible out of the box for this kind of $$
I might have to get 13" macbook pro loaded and bite my lip when i process my order... I love yoga 2 but im not paying 1500 for nightmare 8.1 ( lenovo site with i7 and 8gb ram, - bb is sold out at 1199 ) when there are seemingly better options in this price range.

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