Keep Calm and Carry On (DF)

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Keep Calm and Carry On (DF)

First of all, we KNOW nothing, only rumors, except maybe for the name, DF.
Everything else is speculation, so why is everyone getting so upset about the price and specs?
It could be $3K, but it could also be $1,5K or $4,5K. We simply don't know.

Secondly, I feel that if the rumors convey the general idea of this camera, this camera is NOT meant to replace/succeed any other camera or product line. It is not intended as a D400 or D700 successor. It is not meant to go between the D610 and D800. It is not a 'reply' to the A7. It is a completley new class. That also might make a decent back-up body for whatever you do.

It is extra. It is CAKE. Nikon gives you CAKE but you complain about the lack of vitamins. Just have a bite. It'll probably be delicious. Sugary. Yum. Chocolate anyone?

This camera is NOT supposed to be an allround workhorse. It is something to enjoy, to savour, to make you enjoy the physical act of taking pictures, rather then the clinical act of rotating control wheels.

Look at it like a car. If you're a plumber, you drive a white transit van (D800). But in your spare time you might like to drive a 60's classic (DF). But then you don't go and complain that you can't fit all your tools in there, do you? They're releasing a 2-seater convertible, manual gear little red sporty car. No power steering, rear wheel drive. And you're complaining that it can't seat a family of four with 2 dogs. Or tow a 2,500lb trailer. Or do 0-60mph in under 5 seconds. No 4WD?! There are other cars for that.
This one, just get in, drive and smile all the way.

At least that's the impression I get. I might be wrong. But I hope I'm not. I didn't buy that little red convertible to ward off midlife crisis, so I'm sureley getting ready to get this instead. Sometimes Christmas can come in November.

I think if you are judging this camera by comparing its (rumored) specs to existing cameras, you're missing the point entirely. For those of you who lose sleep over the fact that your favourite brand is 0.25fps slower or has 2 AF points less, or weighs 12grams more than your rival, this camera will probably cause you nightmares. But then probably everything else in your life makes you feel inadequate too. For those who care less about arbitrary numbers and more about taking pictures, this might be a dream come true. Sleep well

Until we actually know more, no need to panic. Keep Calm and Carry On taking pictures.

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