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Re: EOS M2

Jonathan Brady wrote:

So, you're going off of inference - I'm working off of Canon supplied (albeit accidentally) facts.

Tom... The M is barely a year old. It's NOT a shock that it hasn't been replaced yet. In fact, many would argue that the recent FW update is more than adequate as a defacto replacement.

Canon would not have put M2 in the DPP help section if the camera weren't far along.

One of the few times you've openly said something along the lines of "as I see it" as opposed to trumpeting what you say QUITE emphatically as though it's a fact. Good job.

8 months ago, the camera had only been out about half a year. Rumors at that point are fairly premature. Besides, who's to say that the rumors weren't referencing the FW update? They did talk about improved AF, right? Additionally, 8 months ago, people could have been testing the first M2 prototypes with the DPAF sensor.

Look, I'm not one to put a whole lot of stock into rumors (facts on the other hand are different). I enjoy reading them for fun. It's your tone and vigor that have "chapped my ***" (as we say in the south). That's what has lit a fire under me on this topic.


Boy, this "new forum software" makes it just about impossible to insert comments once we start getting deep, so let me respond so some of the things you've written above, here:

First of all, let's talk about "trolling," what was mentioned previously.  I am certainly not "trolling." We are discussing the future of the EOS-M system, and we have different viewpoints. Just because I believe that the market and the EOS-M's history make it two strikes against further EOS-M system development, it doesn't mean that I'm "trolling." I have conducted myself honorably in a number of DPReview forums over more than a decade, and I don't "troll." I've got two of the bodies myself, I was one to badger the DPReview folks in regards to getting this forum set up, and I think my views here are as valid as anyone else's.

That said, let's talk about "trumpeting what you say QUITE emphatically as though it's a fact," and I quote:

"The M2 has already been developed!"


The "CR1" rumors have been nothing but worthless garbage, but that's what "CR1" rumors are -- unverified information from unknown correspondents.  For all you know, =I= could have been the one feeding EOS-M feature wishlists to CanonRumours, which they've then published as rumors of new EOS-M bodies.

The M2 references in DPP are at least acknowledgements that Canon has "planned" an "M2" body or something to that effect, but there's absolutely no way to know that they've gone anywhere beyond that.

In the end, we are where we are -- with no Canon announcements for any further EOS-M development -- no bodies, no lenses.  And with retailers dumping EOS-M systems at fire sale prices, and Canon USA going to far as to refuse selling a perfectly good, desirable third lens.

We have people talking about the 70D sensor, as if it would be "perfect" for a new EOS-M body, but I don't think that Canon thinks that way, at all.  Fortunately or unfortunately, as you might see it, the EOS-M is an "EOS" system camera, and it is absolutely at THE BOTTOM OF THE EOS LINE.  Do you think that Canon will put the 70D sensor into all of the Rebel bodies when those are updated?  I don't -- Canon's history is one of "crippling" its lower-priced cameras, and I expect it'll keep the 70D sensor right where it is -- at the top of its APS-C line.

Ultimately, I expect Canon's EOS-M development to look just like its development for the GX1 to date -- "utterly nothing."  I'm not really in need of a new body, but I'd like to see some kind of long-zoom lens -- "native" versions of some of the EF-S STM zoom lenses, mainly.  But at this point, I really don't expect to see them.  Ever.  Meanwhile, the rest of the mirrorless industry is absolutely bristling with new activity -- If Canon truly has "developed" anything for the EOS-M system, well, then it has simply chosen not to compete in the market.  All I'm saying is that this is exactly what I expect they have chosen to do.

Tom Hoots

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