Nikon's 5 year plan...

Started Oct 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
David314 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,790
If you can't beat'em join'em & bigger is better

You can already see where nikon is going and how they will 'pivot'

first they will try to become the supplier of choice for the camera, processor, lens for cell phones

and also it is bigger is better, thus you see nikon Germany emphasizing ff seniors

since nikon seems t contract out the manufacture of small sensor cameras they can relatively easily shift out of those cameras

Probably the minimum sensor size will become 1"

nikon definitely misjudged the nikon 1 market  and I expect we will see offeerings more geared to the enthusiast with external controls and even a dslr like larger body

The d3xxx will go mirror less and remain f mount and if the nikon 1 isn't priced wisely it will die

nikon will ride the f mount until it dies but they may add things like power zoom

because the will push hard for video

and 8 fps at a reasonable price is coming, likely the next big push will be speed for the entire lineup

it will be 15 fps with on sensor pdaf across the mid tier

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