Nikon Digital Fusion camera

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Re: Nikon Digital Fusion camera

If it has the D4 sensor, as rumored, it becomes the lower cost camera with the same high ISO abilities, at least somewhat better than the D800. I'd love to have the D800 for landscape, and a DF for interiors and low light work. If the rumored specs are correct, the DF and the announced 58 f1.4 would be a great night sky combination.

Admittedly, the D800 is a capable low light camera, but the D4 is superior, so I think it's a worthwhile addition to the lineup. If it's control configuration is more akin to that of top-of-the-line film cameras, it may also appeal to those of us who learned our skills on dials rather than LCDs, even if that's just a cosmetic difference. I'm anxious to hear the details on its specs when it becomes official.

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