DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

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Re: DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

4, chroma noise-wise, at base ISO, the 808 is cleaner in all colors. As you can expect, the blue channel is significantly noisier in the 1020. This is pretty normal – after all, not even APS-C cameras can render blue skies without noise at base ISO – they can't beat the laws of physics. (At least not most of them.) Interestingly, which was pretty much hard-to-anticipate, the red channel, particularly with orange colors, is also significantly(!) more noisy in the 1020. A crop showing this:

Here, I used two arrows to denote the blue area and the orange one, both showing significantly more noise with the 1020.

5, noise reduction at base ISO makes foliage (in this case, green feathers) being rendered better on the 808. When doing the comparison, I made sure I chose an area still not in the left/rightmost 7-8% (with 4:3 shots, the area where there's significant blur) area. Unfortunately, many of the feathers of DPReview's test scene are in this area.

Here's a comparison:

As you can see, the 808 renders the feathers better. Some of them aren't even visible on the 1020's image.

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