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Re: Get going on the D400 and the 7DII

sportyaccordy wrote:

Again, this is a small part of the market. Most of CaNikon's revenue over the last decade was from general consumers- not folks doing super specialized photography like action or concerts or whatever. And even if you consider just that market, it's the same issue. Many of the new cameras are not better enough to warrant the purchases. And even if they were, that's nowhere near the volume these companies need to keep going.

The average consumer is gone right now. Done. They are either happy with a cell phone camera or they already have a dSLR. Trying to sell d3200 dSLRs to this lot of folks is simply not working and not going to work going forward. The question for Nikon is what to do next.

They can try to create something compelling enough that it will entice the cell phone shooter to buy something else that they can use in addition to their cell phone camera. So far, they've failed. The Nikon 1 was probably their main shot at that and it seems to have failed.

There are lots of things that Nikon could do to enhance their DX line (see Sony and Fuji and Olympus for many examples). Nikon should be at least doing things like that. But why wouldn't they also at least cater to the diehard dSLR user who knows they need a dSLR and is willing to pay for a good one?

If you're getting killed in the mainstream consumer market and you aren't even catering to the one of the higher-end segments of the market that already want your technology (action shooters), then what are you succeeding at? Pretty much nothing. My point was why do they ignore one segment of the market that wants their technology as is willing to pay for it? An $1800 D400 could be a pretty high margin product for them and could easily be best in class among all dSLR makers (as was the D300). It wouldn't single-handedly rescue the company, but it could easily be one successful tactic in the war.

FYI, the same argument goes for the missing D750 (the action shooter's upgrade to the D700). If Nikon has a D400 and a D750, I probably would have bought both. Instead, I've bought nothing from Nikon in 6 years and currently have a freeze on buying new lenses too because I'm not sure that Nikon intends to serve my segment of the market any more. Actually, because Nikon has nothing compelling in the smaller, lighter, but high IQ category, I actually bought a Fuji X-E1. Very nice camera. It should have been a Nikon.

I rather doubt that either of those actions very good for Nikon (no new camera purchase in 6 years or buying a Fuji). But, it's a direct result of Nikon failing to serve needs in the marketplace.

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