OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

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I could make either work for sure

captura wrote:

M43 vs FF full-frame. Same size and weight.,487

1. The sensor is 4x bigger.

2. Depth of field is radically different.


Yeah I could make both work mate, my legacy lenses don't really care what's behind them. I'm sort of lucky that way, in that I can just simply swap bodies and formats.

I look at it as another string in the bow. I can now easily go full frame, APS-C or m4/3 with mirrorless. Does it get any better

The EM1 is IMO a superb camera for what I need and so is the NEX, add in a FF option and I'm in heaven.

Having said that, if I wanted AF and top of the line optically superb lenses, I could go the 4/3 lens route as well with the EM1. Of course the NEX and the A7, A7r have the ability to use the fast PDAF adaptors to suit Sony SLT lenses and that's a huge bonus as well.

Personally I didn't buy m4/3 or NEX because they were small, I bought them as a digital back to suit my lenses only.

So I can see all sides to this and times are just getting better and better with the choices we have now days. It comes down to what format people want and need, size comes into it for a lot of people, IBIS is important to some and fast AF to others. So I'm pretty lucky in none of those actually interest me. Makes my life easy mate

All the best and APS-C suits me at the moment. As I always say, the image couldn't care less what took it, it just exists.


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