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Re: Get going on the D400 and the 7DII

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But, there are some types of photography that the dSLR has a major technical advantage and simply can't be shot well with less capable cameras such as shooting action.

For the average consumer, this type of photography is nearly non-existent. ~5-8 years ago, for general photography, the gulf between cameraphones and DSLRs was huge. However, now with the significant downsampling of the main avenues people look at pictures through, as well as the IQ leaps of cameraphones, that gulf has been pretty much bridged. Most people's monitors are 1080p at most and their photo sharing services downsize and compress heavily. So for them, a cameraphone is generally more than enough.

I think we've already established that the average consumer is using their cell phone for most of their photography. What we're talking about here is the level of consumer that wants something better than that because cell phones suck at some types of photography and there are some consumers that understand that and want better.

Action photography is one such discipline that camera phones are terrible at. So, those people who want to do action photography are generally looking for something better than cell phones. I'm saying that I'm surprised that Nikon hasn't (in the last 5 years) built a camera that is optimized for that since it is one of the things that dSLRs indisputably do better than camera phones.

In a competitive market, if your lunch is getting eaten by some competing technology, one tactic is to look for a segment of the market that your products/technology has unique strengths for where you can kill the competition and you make products that leverage those strengths. Nikon is doing that in their FF line - they are not doing that very well in their DX line - that's my point.

Again, this is a small part of the market. Most of CaNikon's revenue over the last decade was from general consumers- not folks doing super specialized photography like action or concerts or whatever. And even if you consider just that market, it's the same issue. Many of the new cameras are not better enough to warrant the purchases. And even if they were, that's nowhere near the volume these companies need to keep going.

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