OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

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Re: It really depends which lens you compare with.

Clayton1985 wrote:

Ulric wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Comparing the standard zoom the difference isn't that big. Ditto for the F1.4 vs F1.8 prime.,487.393,ha,t

Oops, you managed to - by accident, I'm sure - pick the wrong comparison again. Here, let me help you with a compact M43 alternative:,387.397,ha,t

It seems like something is still not quite right but I think I have it fixed now.,487.360,ha,t

Only one final tweak, if you don't mind...,487.360,375.360,ha,t

After all,the APS-C NEX-6 is both smaller and cheaper and will realize the full potential of the APS-C lens.

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