OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

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Re: OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

EarthQuake wrote:

jennajenna wrote:

captura wrote:

M43 vs FF full-frame. Same size and weight.,487

1. The sensor is 4x bigger.

2. Depth of field is radically different.


I thought m43 sensor was 50% the size of full frame.

How are you getting that the sony full frame is 4 x larger? Should you mean 2x larger.

4x bigger by area, you can't compare size in only one dimension. Just look at the image and it should be patently obvious that you can fit roughly 4 M43 size sensors in the same area as 1 FF sensor.

You are closer to fitting 4 than you are two.

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