Will the V2 go down to 299 like the V1 did?

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Re: Will the V2 go down to 299 like the V1 did?

There are lots of positive opinions around here on the V1 and outdated is really not a concern for me.  Heck, I still like using my Kodak P880.

The concern for me was budget more than anything and the used V1 prices will allow me to try out the system without investing a large amount up front.  If the prices lower for the V2, I could sell the V1 body and buy the V2 body only without losing hardly anything.

iamthenewguy wrote:

Todd3608 wrote:

I wonder if the V2 will hit 299 soon like the V1 did last year? I got tired of waiting and just purchased the V1.

Electronics always come down in price once the next version is announced so yes, at some point there will be a price drop on the V2. But, and it's just my opinion, I don't think that the V2 will have as big of a price drop as the V1. The V1 lacked too many things to be considered a flagship model: no direct control without menu diving, lack of PASM dial, no built in flash, and so on.

This is also the reason I think Nikon announced the V2 so quickly after the V1, they realized their design choices followed form too much for the people they were targeting the V line to. Since the V2 ticks most of the boxes that initial reviewers criticized the V1 about, when the V3 is announced I would assume that it's just going to have small ergonomic refinements but the main draw will be an improved sensor. So in short, it'll be much more like a m4/3 update (EP-3 to EP-5) and will decrease the purchase price of the V2 but I not to firesale prices.

If you really wanted a V2 (and I really recommend the V2 over the V1) why not purchase the V2 now? You're spending $299 on a good but outdated camera and you are making a compromise. Once the V2's price goes down, even if it gets down to $299 for body only, you'll be spending around the same amount over the price of the two cameras and you don't get to enjoy the V2 until an unknown date.

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