Focus peaking not accurate with long lenses?

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David Kieltyka
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Re: Focus peaking not accurate with long lenses?

Focus peaking was developed for video and that's where it's most appropriate, though it's useful in still photography too so long as you understand its limitations. Peaking highlights everything in the frame that exceeds a certain contrast threshold. (On the GX7 you can select a higher or lower threshold.) It's not a panacea. With a fast, shallow-DOF lens the peaking highlights tend to be more discriminating and thus more useful. In a scene like the one in your photo you're better off focusing via magnification. The GX7's peaking works in the magnified view, too, and I find it to be very useful there.

Here's a photo where I used peaking to focus. No magnification. Due to the shallow DOF the peaking was right on the mark.

GX7, Zeiss 85mm Planar + Metabones SpeedBooster @ effective f/1.0.


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