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I agree 100% with this article. Nikon still has a chance though. They can re-engineer their mirrorless platform as phones, which with backlit 1" sensors would elevate the IQ and still give the connectivity people want.

Phones for what carrier? That's a battle I wouldn't want to fight.

Make the phones unlocked and do both GSM & CDMA. Let the people decide.

But you don't understand that business. The people don't decide, carriers have to. What's more, do you see any Sony phones any more? Think about it - Nikon have never made phones. Would they be any good at it in the time frame needed? Doubtful at best. They would be required to knock off the big three in a short time for it to have been worth it.

Now there is one thing - they can get into that industry from the side by making add-ons and acting as a third party provider of in-phone cameras etc. Can you imagine Motorola marketing a phone with a "nikon camera" inside?

The main customers for DSLRs were people who didn't have them. Now I think pretty much everyone who wants a DSLR has one, and there is zero reason for them to upgrade. The few folks who upgrade faithfully are not enough to support the business. Nikon definitely needs a new strategy.

Nikon also sells lenses...

Lenses face the same problem as the cameras. ~7 years ago the only way to take decent digital photos was with a DSLR. Now a cell phone is good enough. Who's gonna buy a DSLR, let alone upgraded lenses???

There are a lot of DSLR owners out there with just one lens that came with their camera. The DSLR cycle includes lenses which effectively extends the life cycles of the products for several more cycles than if the core product were monolithic as in compact cameras. They don't have to go after new DSLR sales or compete with cell phones to sell lenses.

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