Any Problem Using Two External USB-Powered HDDs on rMBP?

Started Mar 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fixed my problem with my Retina Macbook and USB 3 drive.

Hey everyone,

Sorry to come up this old subject but I read all your comments about your troubles, and I'm having exactly the same...

Retina MPB 13 - Right USB port disconnection, sometimes every 10 seconds...

I run up all kinds of test... USB2 key 8go, USB3 harddrive 500go USB3 SSD samsung, no matter the disk, everytime the same result...

SO I'm not sure the real problem is coming from the disk...:s

It seems that other people are complaining about this. Did not find the solution yet but this is pretty bad for a laptop of this range of price, disappointed. Did not happened with my old MBP 15


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