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Re: For years the Canon/Nikon stranglehold has been recognised

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Nikon actually did some pretty amazing innovation and engineering with their Nikon 1 line, but it was improperly packaged, positioned and priced and, in most parts of the world, it had little impact on the market or on their profitability. If they could aim that level of innovation where most of their customers are (the APS-C product line), they could probably do some pretty amazing things.

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I'll say it again- the Nikon 1 line would have, and potentially still can be, a huge success if Nikon gives it cell phone capabilities. But Nikon hast to be willing to take that kind of risk.

My belief is quite the opposite. Nikon has no reason to get into the mobile business madness.

Had Nikon given it a bigger sensor, Nikon 1 would be huge now. But they were afraid that it would cannibalize their low end DSLRs. And by not doing it, they let the door open to somebody else to do it.

Yep, if you act in fear of cannibalizing your own products, you will soon find them cannibalized by a competitor who deployed your idea in a direct attack on those very products.  Companies who best survive technology transitions realize that it's better to cannibalize your own products rather than let someone else do it to you.

Nikon really blew it.  Imagine if when developing the Nikon 1 technology, they had built it around an APS-C sensor and given it the features that camera enthusiasts want.  Nikon would have some really, really compelling APS-C offerings (bodies and lenses) right now (in fact, they'd probably have many of the customers that ultimately bought the Fuji X series and many of the m43 cameras).

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