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Re: For years the Canon/Nikon stranglehold has been recognised

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Nikon actually did some pretty amazing innovation and engineering with their Nikon 1 line, but it was improperly packaged, positioned and priced and, in most parts of the world, it had little impact on the market or on their profitability. If they could aim that level of innovation where most of their customers are (the APS-C product line), they could probably do some pretty amazing things.

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I'll say it again- the Nikon 1 line would have, and potentially still can be, a huge success if Nikon gives it cell phone capabilities. But Nikon hast to be willing to take that kind of risk.

Nikon going into the cell phone business is laughable.  Perhaps Nikon could partner with someone who already has success in the cell phone business and be a camera component supplier (I actually think they are trying to do this).  But, for Nikon to try to break into establishing a brand as a cell phone provider and making money at doing that is simply not going to happen.  That is a brutally competitive business (that is wiping out many companies now) that requires massive resources on a worldwide scale to make money at it and very astute product picking, fast product deliver and great consumer marketing.  And, you have to be really, really good at making cell phones, spinning new models quickly, building distribution through a zillion worldwide carriers, etc...

Nikon could also decide to add 4G wireless connectivity to a camera (and not be selling it as a phone) like many tablets do.  The challenge there is that on most cell plans, you have to pay monthly for that device connectivity (there are some newer plans were you don't pay by device, you just pay by total data consumption).

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