"Nex" has become an iconic brand name...

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Re: "Nex" has become an iconic brand name...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

The NEX was launched as a compact camera that just happened to be able to take more than one lens. The hardware inside the box was quite good but the box itself pretty down-market and the controls and firmware were a bit of an insult to a technical user's intelligence.

I can't agree with this, Tom

I'm not the greatest photographer in the world but I have used some nice equipment and I saw nothing down-market in the original NEX-5!

It had a metal alloy body, nice feeling controls, a decent LCD that offered quite respectable daylight visibility for its generation and the lenses that came with it were metal clad (though plastic inside) which also offered a feeling of quality. The interface was not great, but by the time it got to v3 it was quite useable and I found it quite responsive in terms of speed

I also had (and still have) an A900 and a bunch of big, expensive lenses when I got the NEX-5 and didn't feel that I was using a 'lower quality item' when I was handling the NEX. Just something I was more likely to grab when I went out for a walk or stick in my carry-on baggage when I caught an airplane...

I was out shooting with my A900 yesterday and I found myself rather missing the live-view MF image-magnification focus assist, focus spot selection across whole image and live-histogram of my NEX

Maybe they have improved.

Actually the latest NEX's are not quite as well manufactured as the first ones, though they have superior functions. The NEX-6 is certainly more lightly-built than the first NEX-5 and the NEX-5n, and the NEX-7

Even compared to the NEX-5R the NEX-6 offers a magnesium top-plate but a plastic front plate vs. the magnesium front plate but plastic top-plate of the 5R, which makes it feel lighter-built and weaker to me than the NEX-5R

I would not touch a NEX (seemingly forever) after waving them around in a shop once. Too lightweight for me in more ways than one.

So you like heavy equipment...

Needed a mule for my Canon EF lenses that wasn't a Canon dslr box nor their own lightweight EOS-M "NEX beater".

Canon normally make big, heavy cameras. This is clearly what you like. OK, nothing wrong with that

I found that the NEX6 was an acceptably improved camera over the early NEX models and that the hardware was technically very good (as usual), but since using it and taking many fine images I find that the controls and firmware are still on the "light" side. The A7 series seems to have made a decent step towards a "proper" camera for the more enthusiastically minded.

I think it's made a step towards the 'retro' for the conservatively-minded, but each to their own

So the NEX may be "iconic" but only in the sense that it is a very good camera aimed at consumers as users and not as highly enthusiastic ones.

Kind of insulting use of the terms 'consumers' and 'highly enthusiastic'

You are a Canon user and we have established that the larger gear they typically produce is what you like, and when they don't make it big and heavy you consider it 'lightweight'

However 'heavy' does not necessarily equal 'enthusiastic'. I would suggest another appropiate word might be 'masochistic'

Plenty of highly-enthusiastic photographers want to carry the *lightest, most convenient* camera gear around with them because that way they can have their camera with them more often, or alternatively carry more lenses with them to cover more photographic situations. Does that make them these despised 'consumers'?

Guess all those Leica users like HCB and Capa wern't very 'enthusiastic'...

Many like myself might have "waved around" and early NEX and wiped all idea of it ever becming a brand of choice. I was only perchance of an electronic adapter for Metabones that hauled me in over pre-conceived prejudices. As a quality imaging device my prejudices were quite wrong, as an enthusiast's camera of choice maybe not so wrong.

Ah... so actually people aren't buying NEX's because they are prejudiced/stupid and also the camera needs to be several hundred grams heaver so that it is an 'enthusiasts' camera?

Also the brand "NEX" having overcome its first mass-consumer inspired image is also far to close to the Samsung "NX" brand series in the non-Sony mindset and easily confused if you are a camera brand free-agent.

Is it?

Therefore if Sony wishes to project to a more serious user camera base the NEX might not be working for them other than to the already converted.

So they need to make heavier cameras for stupid/prejudiced people, is what you are saying..?

Aren't there already enough of that sort of camera on the market? (eg. everything made by Canon and Nikon)

Maybe the NEX brand could continue but I think that market is already fleshed out and Sony might now be aiming for a higher level image. Canon stepped down into NEX-image territory with the EOS-M and I suggest they had their face slapped.

I didn't notice Canon 'pushing' the EOS-M at all, which is rather obvious as it has the potential to canibalise their main product line. I think that range is just a 'placeholder' which they will keep on tick-over and that gives them the option to move seriously into mirrorless later if they see momentum in this market

Now Sony wishes to mix it with the major dslr manufacturers (for their share of that market) and as such needs a different aura than consumer-camera. The A series handed down from the Minolta days might be considered a better bet.

Sony have been 'mixing-it' with Canon and Nikon using the A-Series denomination since they released the A100 in 2006, and in 7 years haven't made much progress so I doubt this is the reason for the rebranding

More likely is the desire to integrate the two mounts into a single coherent product range simply because that is what the head guy wants to see happen... but that is more easily said than done

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