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Re: For years the Canon/Nikon stranglehold has been recognised

sandy b wrote:

to the point of being called Canikon. So while you are technically correct, everyone here understood my point.

Yes, and it is an oligopoly, not a monopoly.  There is a big difference.  Canikon do not behave as one company.

Canon and Nikon compete with each other quite significantly which does not happen in a monopoly.  It's just that if both seem to be complacent in one area of the market, then neither feels any significant competitive pressure to do anything about it - to the detriment of the consumer.

I'm very glad that we have Fuji, Sony, Pentax and Olympus pushing the limits of smaller sensor cameras (APS-C and m43) because without that it appears that Nikon and Canon would not be compelled to do anything but try to force customers to buy their FF cameras.  As it stands now, Nikon and Canon's APS-C product lines are under serious attack.  Those attacks may not have really hurt them yet, but since Canon and Nikon still get more of their revenue from the smaller sensor lines, it's going to start dinging their revenue/profits soon if it hasn't already.  Hopefully that will spur them into action and we'll see some innovation in that space.

Nikon actually did some pretty amazing innovation and engineering with their Nikon 1 line, but it was improperly packaged, positioned and priced and, in most parts of the world, it had little impact on the market or on their profitability.  If they could aim that level of innovation where most of their customers are (the APS-C product line), they could probably do some pretty amazing things.

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