D600 AF suitable for action?

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Re: D600 AF suitable for action?

JvanSchaik wrote:

I currently use the new 70-200/4 AFS lens, which to my liking has a fast enough AF speed. The AF on the D300s does not give me much reason to complain either.

I've been told that the advantages in sensor of the D600/610 over the D300s are big, I am however a bit hesitant to moven over to the D600/610 due the difference in AF module, fewer AF sensors in de D600/610 and even more important a smaller spread. I mostly shoot fast running dogs that move erraticaly, so an big spread of AF sensors seem to be a benefit. For the rest the D600/610 seems great.

Been eying the D800 as well, but its only 4FPS and has huge files. Then there is the D4, which is a very pricy option, the difference between a D610 and D4 will buy me some very nice glass.

The other consideration is that switching to FX will reduce the effective "reach" of your lens. Unless you're shooting at the short end of that lens now, you'll need a teleconverter, which adds expense, bulk, and fragility, and (somewhat) reduces IQ.

I actually think you should stick with DX and just get a D7100. Same pro-class AF system that you're used to, same spread of AF points across almost the entire viewfinder, and a much improved sensor. Better dynamic range in sunlight and better high ISO performance after dark or indoors. Build quality on the D7100 is not quite "pro", but is still a solid notch above the other "consumer" cameras. I liked mine a lot. No risk of oil spots like a D600. Half the price of a new D610 and easier to get. Give it a try!

A D7100 also has a faster frame rate than any (current) FX camera except the $$$$ D4.

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