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Re: Get going on the D400 and the 7DII

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But, there are some types of photography that the dSLR has a major technical advantage and simply can't be shot well with less capable cameras such as shooting action. Doesn't it seem odd that Nikon is not making cameras that leverage one of the biggest advantages of dSLRs (speed of focus and action tracking at high fps in bad light conditions)?

It was a temporary advantage which existed before development of good OSPDAF. OSPDAF (in mirrorless camera) has many principal advantages over DSLR-style separate PDAF, including ability to work with more light (no need to share light with viewfinder and separate metering sensors), precision (what you have on the main sensor is what you are going to get in the image), reliability (no misalignments ever, less parts to break...), cost (no precision assembly, just a chip - the same one for image taking), size, weight, working in video, no need to flip mirror for high-speed shooting (and no associated noise, vibrations, reliability problems), and what has not been realized yet (except in video) but can be - continuous tracking DURING exposure. Olympus E-M1 has already better PDAF than their own top DSLR (E-5), Canon 70D in OSPDAF mode has better AF than in mirrored mode with its top-of-the line APS-C AF system taken straight from 7D (read reviews). TODAY.

And EVFs today have bigger, brighter views than even FF OVFs, with very adequate 240Hz refresh rate and negligible 25ms delay, with many unique advantages OVFs can never have - WYSIWYG (white balance, crop - with enlargement, ISO noise etc), working in video, brightness boost in dark conditions, tilting (in some cases), live histograms, focus distance, DoF scales and many other shooting information types, overexposure/underexposure preview (blinkies and/or zebra), many focusing aids - enlargements in various steps, focus peaking display and/or "electronic rangefinder" display, instant view of a photo taken without switching to the screen (which might not be visible in bright sun and simply takes more time) and back to VF, preview of IBIS (which itself can correct what OIS cannot and removes the need to have OIS in every lens), safety to shoot with sun in the frame (you are not going blind with EVF)... People denying all those advantages are simply deluding themselves. The only REAL advantage OVF has is battery life (but not as much as some people think comparing DSLRs with mirrorless - DSLRs in most cases simply have bigger batteries.

Please point me to a mirrorless camera with at least an APS-C sized sensor that has better AF tracking in low light and low contrast for action photography than the Nikon D300 or D700.

In my action photography the most difficult test cases are a dark colored smallish bird in flight at dawn/dusk with a complicated background or a soccer player wearing a solid, dark colored uniform at twilight with subjects coming towards you at a relatively rapid rate, but weaving unpredictably as they go. I'd love to find a mirrorless camera that can do better AF on these types of subjects than what I have today with my dSLR.

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