OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

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It isn't E-M5 size, it is the design

plevyadophy wrote:

What has all that got to do with the OM-D E-M1? Well, this. Peeps complained about the cramped real estate of the previous model, the E-M5, so Oly, rightly in my view, made the current camera slightly bigger so that it handles better.

On 2012/04/01 I posted about this subject and it caused lots of angst among those who are primarily camera corporation hobbyists rather than photography hobbyists:

It wasn't the small size that was the problem with the E-M5 ergonomics. The NEX 7, for example, is as small or smaller and didn't have the same ergonomic problems the E-M5 does. It is the overall E-M5 design that is the problem, see my posts in the thread.  It is important for a company to learn the right lessons and not the wrong lessons:

"We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it and stop there lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove lid again and that is well but also she will never sit down on a cold one anymore." -- Mark Twain

Anyway, I don't care that the E-M1 is bigger.  It looks like a wonderful camera, but I don't plan to get one.

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