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Re: Get going on the D400 and the 7DII

I agree with absolutely everything jfriend just said.

I recently moved from a Nikon dSLR to a Sony mirrorless and EVF is where it is at.  I get that there are advantages to having a viewfinder just for the eye vs an LCD screen on the back of the camera, but the EVF vs OVF debate is, IMHO, silly.  EVF is superior is virtually every way.  I can set focus point with the touch of a finger, i can reliably manual focus for the first time in my life through zoom/focus peaking, I can meter with any lens that can be attached to the camera, which is all of them.  Not to mention my personal top reason for switching, to finally be done with the endlessly frustrating, does lens x match up well with body y and how many countless hours of focus fine tune adjustment will it take to get everything working well together?  Oh and am I shooting indoors under light from a normal 60 watt bulb?  Better account for the backfocus I'm going to get with my d7k/35mm 1.8 combination!  I'll take accuracy over speed any day in the focus department, at least for my uses.  Oh and I can fix my NEX with a 35mm Nikon prime attached into my coat pocket when I go out for a hike.  That's nothing to ignore either.

I really, really wanted a Nikon version of the NEX, as I was entirely committed to Nikon hardware and PP software, but after much research I came to the conclusion that I would be waiting a long, long time for that to materialize if it ever did.

Now I'm a nobody enthusiast, but you'd better believe there are a lot of me turning their backs on Nikon since they refuse to really innovate, rather continuing to refine the same basic camera models over and over again.  And yes their business model does reek of a company who may not be out of business in 5 years but might very well be at the brink of a terminal decline for failing to adapt to market conditions.

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