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Re: If the author is correct.... and I suspect he is....

broody wrote:

2) The consumer DSLR offerings are just messed up. Let's see, now that smartphones are eating the camera market for breakfast, what do DSLRs have to differentiate themselves? The 'DSLR look' is about bokeh, low-light shooting, and detail-intensive genres such as macro photography. That's something you will never, ever get out of a smartphone.

I would not be so sure about "bokeh". A sensor like the one in 70D can in principle record depth information in every pixel. Then it is a matter of a simple algorithm to create whatever bokeh you want, including much better quality one than ANY lens can do.

And you are simply wrong about macro shooting. Small dense sensors can record much better detail in small objects than big low-density DSLR sensors. For example, a 1/2.3"-class point and shoot sensor (like the one in Sony Experia Z) with 20 mpix can have 20 mpix on 6 x 4.5mm object with 1:1 lens, while FF sensor, even in D800, will have only about 1 mpix.

There is of course a big difference in low light, especially with narrow angles of view - but it has nothing to do with DSLR per se and everything to do with size of the lens.

But can a consumer who walks out of a store with a T5i with kit lens for $900 do any of that? No. And it's because of the kit lens. Kit lenses suck, they haver very little,

I agree, and offering better kit lenses is an opportunity to compete some 2nd-tier camera manufacturers miss. Although Sony offers 16-50/2.8 with their A77 for just $600 extra and it is a great deal. Oly now offers 12-40/2.8 with E-M1 for $800 extra, not such a great deal but pretty good regardless. Amount of resources the companies spend developing and redeveloping f/3.5-f/5.6 3x jokes is mind-boggling (especially in the case of Panasonic who developed 5!!! such lenses for m43 in the short 5 years the system exists).

Probably the lenses are specifically designed to be so inadequate to try and push customers to buy more lenses - at very different prices.

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