OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

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Re: Honestly, it might be this simple

Lab D wrote:

I tell people if you normally enjoy short focal lengths, the A7 might be the better option due to the small 35mm lens and high detail. If you like longer focal lengths, maybe go with the EM1 due to the better IS, smaller lenses, and more lens availablity.

I am enjoyng the EM1 and finding the focusing on moving objects to be vastly better than any mirrorless camera I have tried before. Fast action sports shots are now easy.

I'd love to have a chance to try it with the upcoming 40-150.  Not that I'm looking to switch systems, but out of pure curiosity.

I agree that if compactness is important, then the A7 might be a viable alternative to smaller formats if you're going to stick with short FLs.  I mean, even if the 24-70/4 is a bit bigger than a m43 or APS-C option, is someone really going to care if that's their only lens ?  Or a couple primes ?  But by the time you get to that 70-200/4, you have to really want the large sensor.

On the other hand, I shoot a D7000 right now and while a compact system is appealing, I do a lot with my 70-200/2.8 (sports, concerts, plays, dance recitals).  The 300mm equivalent just about covers what I need to shoot; on FF I'd find it short.  There hasn't really been much else I could consider as an alternative.  But had I not already invested in a system that I like, I have to say that an EM1 with the 12-40, 40-150 and maybe the 17/75 f/1.8 duo could be a compelling alternative.

The differences due to sensor size (DOF, SNR) become technicalities, because I'm convinced the EM1 would be sufficient (and then some).  f/2.8 on either system means I shoot the same ISO on either system, and I'm ok with that because I know the EM1 does fine at the ISOs I shoot now.  (There honestly may be no disadvantage versus the D7000 ... don't know and don't care since it's a hypothetical situation anyway).  The AF speed including tracking on the 40-150 would be a critical point.  EVF versus OVF - I like OVF better as far as "joy of photography" goes, but see the utility of an EVF, and the EM1 has a really nice EVF.  And it's quiet.  The D7000 has a pretty quiet silent shutter mode that's useful, but not quite as responsive as norm operation.  In normal operation, it's still a reasonably quiet camera, but too distracting in some cases.

Either way, a camera like the A7 isn't even on the radar.  Same as a FF DSLR; I'd end up putting a 1.4X on the 70-200 just to get my reach back; the A7 would require the LA-EA4 adapter ... either way, I'm slowing down the lenses, negating some of the benefit of a large sensor.  It's more the kind of thing I could consider down the road when my daughter is grown, I have no similar events to shoot, and I can be a hipster wannabe, shooting at 160MP FF just in case my genius is finally recognized and someone wants to print wall murals of my "art"

- Dennis

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