OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

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Re: OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

Rob Sims wrote:

I'm not trolling here, but why is 'increased' DoF used so often as a positive? Surely you can just reduce you aperture size (don't most lenses go up to F22?)? Is it purely because you can get away with using a lower ISO at the same shutter speeds? Or am I missing something? Perhaps someone can kindly explain this one to me.

It's because people are goofy. In the 4/3 world, to rationalize the mediocre performance above ISO 400, some posters used to say "bet we have better and faster lenses". And then you have the crazies who jumped in all the time and claimed it was already full frame because the sensor and lenses were designed together.

Meanwhile, it's fun to compare new cameras, attribute by attribute, but the bottom line is that these are two different systems for different needs. Sure I would love the quality of a FF sensor and the smallness of the Sony, but in the end, I love being able to use the 45mm on a little body like the EPM1 even more.

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