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Re: EOS M2

Tom Hoots wrote:

Jonathan Brady wrote:

You've stated it far more emphatically than a "guess". You state it as though you have some sort of inside information (ie, sit on the board) and it's a FACT when we all know you do not sit on the board and you're trumpeting a guess as truth - vehemently.

All I'm doing is looking at the current market, which has shown a historic sea change in the digital camera market, with nearly the utter disappearance of mainstream compact cameras, along with historically low DSLR sales, plus what I can glean about sales of all mirrorless cameras and the EOS-M specifically. Canon has developed a small and light DSLR camera that competes directly with any higher-featured "EOS-M2" body, and thus it can hunker down with its DSLR system. You can then turn and look at Sony, which appears to be abandoning its DSLR system, in favor of mirrorless cameras, including full-frame versions. Major shifts are happening, rather than "business as usual." Nobody has to 'sit on the board" to see this.

So, you're going off of inference - I'm working off of Canon supplied (albeit accidentally) facts.

How is the information you (don't) have superior to the "truly awful" and "completely unreliable" rumors that are floating around out there? Oh, and the 13 M2 references in DPP?

So, how many Canon announcements have you seen that correspond to any of that?

Tom... The M is barely a year old.  It's NOT a shock that it hasn't been replaced yet.  In fact, many would argue that the recent FW update is more than adequate as a defacto replacement.

CLEARLY there has been a follow up to the M produced, Canon even named it the EOS M2. The only thing in question is when or if Canon will release it. What about Canon's recent history has told you that they're lightning fast with ANYTHING? So, logic would dictate that it's not a question of "if", but simply "when". If you'd like to ignore logic and facts well...

NOTHING is a "fact" there, except for the fact that the "M2" appears in the DPP program. But if Canon truly has "developed" or "produced" an M2, why on EARTH would they choose not to announce and release it prior to the upcoming holiday season? You mean that they have chosen to do that, say, during the dark of winter when camera sales are at their lowest?

Canon would not have put M2 in the DPP help section if the camera weren't far along.

I suppose that's your prerogative. But grandstanding here won't change facts, the future, nor will it make anyone look favorably upon you.

I care nothing about that. I'm just calling the situation as I see it.

One of the few times you've openly said something along the lines of "as I see it" as opposed to trumpeting what you say QUITE emphatically as though it's a fact.  Good job.

So, throw your soapbox in the garbage and find another topic to troll (or don't troll and become a valuable part of the community). Because that's EXACTLY what you're doing here; trolling.

I am trolling EXACTLY as much as you are here. YOU are the one who says that an M2 has "been produced," while all I'm doing is pointing out that, as has been the case since the first CanonRumors CR1 rumor that was published now fully EIGHT MONTHS ago, we sure haven't seen any announcement from Canon yet.

8 months ago, the camera had only been out about half a year.  Rumors at that point are fairly premature.  Besides, who's to say that the rumors weren't referencing the FW update?  They did talk about improved AF, right?  Additionally, 8 months ago, people could have been testing the first M2 prototypes with the DPAF sensor.

Look, I'm not one to put a whole lot of stock into rumors (facts on the other hand are different).  I enjoy reading them for fun.  It's your tone and vigor that have "chapped my ***" (as we say in the south).  That's what has lit a fire under me on this topic.

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