X100/x100s would be bad cameras for...

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Re: X100/x100s would be bad cameras for...

MrChristopher wrote:

People who are shy. Every single time I'm out in public shooting with my x100 I have people stop and inquire about it. Is it a Leica? Is it a film camera? What is it?

If they ask its a Leica then sell them the camera imediately, at a reasonable price ... 3.100 € ?

Indeed some people ask if its film, tell them the true.

But my conclusion is the opposite - X100 is a great camera for shy people because its their opportunity to stop beeing shy and all due to  ... X100! nice ...

Yeah if you're shy or uncomfortable talking to strangers this might not be the best camera for you. Unless you keep it hidden. If you're a social type then plan to meet lots if people and many times make new friends.

Girls particulary love X100, guys too but they keep a distance because they don't want to look gay, at least the ones that aren't - (nothing against to be clear).

And I have nothing against blondes.


You have been warned!

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