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Re: EOS-M Deathwatch?

Jonathan Brady wrote:

I agree that the economy can play a role, and might to a degree. BUT, there is always market share to steal. With truly innovative and astounding products to offer, Canon could have easily stolen market share from any and/or all of the other camera companies. They're maintaining simply on their name and previous technology alone. Imagine what they could have done with innovative designs and technology.

IMO, Canon has only done as well (fiscally) as they have is because of economies of scale and a lack of investment in new technology. That only goes so far (see: American auto manufacturers). Eventually they MUST upgrade their tech and doing so when sales are down will only exacerbate losses.

I would suggest that actually you have little or no idea what Canon has invested in new technology. Many here (mostly armchair pundits) seem to assume that because they think Canon are behind on sensor technology that Canon are not doing anything about it. More to the point perhaps they are annoyed that as super important customers of Canon (their opinion of course) they haven't been told what Canon's detailed plans are.

The fact is that no one here knows what Canon is planning and pontificating about Canon's supposed deficiencies is more than a little naive given this lack of knowledge. What I would say is that provided Canon are able to update their sensor manufacturing, and indications are that they can, then they are in a better position than those companies who have to rely on sensors made by 3rd parties. After all if the downturn in DSLR and other format sales continues who will be the first to reduce investment in photo sensor development? Not the company who has a vested interest in camera production for sure but certainly those 3rd parties who can't see a return in selling to camera companies any more.

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