First couple of weeks with a D3200... send lenses :)

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Re: First couple of weeks with a D3200... send lenses :)

RedorBlack wrote:

thygocanberra wrote:

very nice shots

so based on your experience, even with the 18-55 kit lens, you would recommend this camera?

I've handled one and it feels great in my hands but I scared off by the 24mp and whether my low-end lenses (18-55VR, old 18-135, 18-200VR, 35 f1.8) would make this a bad choice.

I don't have the experience to be recommending DSLR cameras to other people. I'm trying to get my hands on a couple of other quality lenses to try out as I think lens quality is critical at this level. Since you have lens... might want to do what I'm doing, find a shop with a good return policy and try one out for a month. You already have a bunch of lenses, so I suspect have a lot more experience shooting than I do... go take shots using whatever you are using, switch cameras and take the same shots with the same settings/lens and compare.

I'm looking at moving up asap to a D7100 with a couple of GOOD lenses. Looks like the Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM Nikon is my dream lens at the moment (price to ridiculous quality ratio)

Looks to me like Sigma is dominating the quality/price for these cameras. Tamron is the other contender. You don't say what you are shooting with right now... if you do so, maybe some of the more experienced people can pipe in as to if a D3200 would even be considered a step up...


Thanks.  I have a D60 (1st dSLR) which I really like for its size but it is not great in low light/high ISO and AF could be better, it is very slow processing with D-lighting on and a 920K screen is much better than the 230K one. I have also tried D90 which is a very nice camera but I just find it a bit large for carrying around and believe it or not I don't mind navigating the D60 quick access menu vs some of the d90 hard buttons, and using Fn button for ISO.  I've joined in quite a few "D5100 or D3200?" discussions here ...

Anyway I was interested to see your efforts with the 3200. Thanks

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