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Re: EOS-M Deathwatch?

Jonathan Brady wrote:

Canon's blaming the economy? Really? NOT the fact that they haven't really innovated in their largest market (consumer DSLR's) since the 18mp sensor (until now with the 70D sensor but that hasn't trickled down yet to the sub-$1000 bodies). REALLY? The economy? C'mon...

They're focusing on VIDEO in a machine that is designed to take PHOTOGRAPHS. That aside, editing video still isn't overly easy or intuitive and the internet is sorely lacking in quality video sharing sites (videos don't load properly, the video quality is compressed, etc.). For most, the novelty of video in a DSLR wears off pretty quickly.

I'm a big Canon supporter but GEEZ! Are there that many "yes men" in Canon that they TRULY believe the economy is the problem?

If Canon's competitors were doing any better than Canon in the DSLR market then yes I (and I suspect also Canon's management, who are pretty pragmatic and certainly not 'yes men' in my experience) would also suspect that it was Canon alone that was doing something wrong. As that is not the case one has to look for other reasons, the most obvious of which has to be the economy. But added to that is the underlying concern that people are just falling out of love with DSLR photography and may be moving onto something else (and not necessarily in the arena of photography at all).

Why? Well one of the reasons may be the ageing population and I mean specifically the ageing photographic enthusiast population. The average DSLR user is now 55+ years old. As a role model for 20+ year old wannabe photographers that is not a very appealing image, especially when there are alternatives that are easier to use and which perhaps don't make them feel such a dork.

And sorry to be unkind, but when you read some of puerile stuff that the wingers, whiners, wankers and terminally stupid on this and similar forums write would you expect the youf to be even remotely interested. We only have ourselves to blame.

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