Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Re: Nikon's 5 year plan...

Cyrille Berger wrote:

The problem with analysts is that they are more often wrong than rights.

This is just not true and believe me I am no fan of analysts.

However, even if the quality of smartphone camera improves, you will allways get better results with larger sensor and larger lenses, meaning that the DSLR/high end photograhy market is not going away anytime soon.

This matters to a decreasingly small amount of people. Smartphones are far from matching DSLRs in all situations, but for basic photography they are more than good enough. Plus pretty much anyone who wants a DSLR has one.

Overall, the biggest threat to Nikon could come from the raise of cheap Chinese manufacturers, they could come and eat up the low end DSLR market, and that would significatively reduce the ability of Nikon to keep operating its pro line, there is more synergy between D3x00 and D4, than between the coolpix and DSLR. It is what has basically hapened in the telescope market, until 20 years ago, the biggest manufacturers were in the US and Japan, now most of the production is in China, and the chinese companies have even bought the older brands. Nowdays, all the affordable telescopes are Chinese made, and only the more specialized, custom made stuff is left in Japan, US and Europe. And this could very well hapen to DSLR.

Sensors are too hard for Chinese manufacturers to duplicate successfully. Plus they would have a whole bunch of useless proprietary mounts. It would never work.

Also don't forget the used DSLR market is tremendous, further pushing prices out of profitability. And manufacturers have kind of killed themselves with all these releases. There have been 4 D5xxx bodies to come out in the last 5 years for example. D5100 was worth the upgrade over the D5000. D5200 and D5300, it's very debatable and probably not worth it to someone who has a D5100.

IMO Nikon's best move will be to focus on their higher end and serious photographers. Market saturation and smartphones have killed the low end of the market.

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