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Re: LR 5.2 has a terrible bug. Wait...

Phil Rose wrote:

You can't see the clone or healing brush issues? Very strange. It's widely reported, and I saw it leap out in my images. If you're mainly using the spot removal tools to remove small dust specks it might escape attention, but large cloned areas become very vivid ( with hard edges) rather than blended. Adobe should've issued a quick "hot fix" for that bug; instead it's been over a month now and they appear to be waiting to incorporate it into a major update...eventually...

Of course this is separate from the matter of EM-1's "preliminary" ORF support. It'll get better eventually.That's just another reason it may be best to wait before upgrading from earlier LR versions.


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I've noticed this bug too, Phil.

Worse, I worry that there's no real retroactive way to "fix" a catalog of images that have already been updated to Lightroom 5 and "de-feathered."  How would a hot fix distinguish images "de-feathered" in the catalog upgrade from those (if any) with intentionally-set zero-feather spot corrections?

Not a good situation.

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