D600 AF suitable for action?

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Re: D600 AF suitable for action?

I've used a D7000, D700, D800, D7100, and now D600 for shooting kid's sports (soccer, football, and a little basketball).

The 59-point AF sensor (in the D7100, D700, or D800) is definitely better for sports than the 39-point AF sensor (in the D7000 or D600).

As others have said, the spread of the AF points on the D600 is VERY NARROW. It would be a much better camera if it had the 59-point AF system.

But, the D600 has great IQ and the AF system is often "good enough" (especially for non-sports applications).

AF-C tracking is pretty good as long as the subject doesn't move outside the (smaller) zone of the AF points.

I've got some great soccer and football shots using the D600 with a 70-200mm VR-II and a TC-17 teleconverter. However, the in-focus percentage is a little lower for me than the D7100 (say 75% vs 85%).

Moving up to EITHER the D7100 or the D610 will give you much better high ISO performance as the sensors are both 5 years newer than the D300s. It will also give you a much faster internal computer, which is a help to AF performance, especially if you use "Auto Area" mode.

QUESTION: Which lenses are you using? If you're not using pro-class AF-S glass, your AF speed (and therefore AF accuracy on moving targets) is probably limited by the lens...

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