OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

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Re: Lenses look about the same to me...

blue_skies wrote:

captura wrote:

M43 vs FF full-frame. Same size and weight.,487

1. The sensor is 4x bigger.

2. Depth of field is radically different.

3. ... lenses ... ?

Steve, you should know better

The A7r has 36Mp as well as CIZ. 36Mp allows for a 2x zoom, and CIZ would double this again.

Or, mapping A7r down to 16Mp with CIZ allows for a 4x factor. That is, the basic 24-70 could be extended to 280mm FL equiv. using both crop (2x) and CIZ (2x). The OM-D EM-1 needs the 140mm FL for that.

So - look at it this way: 45-150 on OM-D EM-1 vs. 24-70 on Sony A7R. (The 28-70 is slightly smaller, but not in the database yet).

With 2x cropping on the A7r you have a sensor resolution of 9 MP and a lens not designed for the smaller image circle. Hardly ideal from a resolution point of view.

I am also throwing in the Nex-7, with 24Mp, it allows for a 1.5x zoom factor and 2x CIZ, so you'd get 3x conversion. So a 100mm lens would suffice to reach 280mm FL equiv. I am showing it with the 18200LE, which already reaches a 450mm FL equiv. without even applying the CIZ factor. With it it would be 900mm FL equiv. I am adding in the 100-300mm onto the EM-1 for good measure.

Alll look about the same in my opinion:,488.393,33.334,482.35,ha,t

Now, if you reduce the focal lengths, the lenses all become the same size, more or less. Camera + lens will be 'compact'. None are pocket-able....

Throw in some WA RF lenses, and you'll have "identical" sizes, which makes all three cameras look the same - just a different FOV.

I am not buying the 'long FL benefit' on the EM-1. Only the IS for legacy lenses is a nice-to-have add-on.

Why would anyone care if you buy it or not?

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