My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

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Re: My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

robbd wrote:

Yes, you can modify the 8mm fisheye frame/filter order to fit, or you can order the correct one from Panasonic. Either do a google search for Panasonic Parts US, and if your ship/bill address is the same, order online OR call 800-833-9626 (give them the model number of lens, and explain to them you need a filter holder just like the one stated in this prior post for the 8mm). The parts number for Panasonic 7-14 filter frame is VDW1910. The cost is less than the one for the fisheye, like 10 bucks less.

Are you sure that VDW1910 actually has filter holder and not just a replacement of the stock baffle? That would explain rather significant price difference.

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