"Nex" has become an iconic brand name...

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Re: They don't sell well in the USA...

RedRockRed wrote:

because they're not featured in the Sunday newspaper ads by Best Buy, Target, Walwart, etc. Only Sony Cybershot models get any promotion. NEX models are supposed to be a "next-step" for P&Sers wanting to move up, but apparently Sony doesn't subsidize NEX advertising.

Good points.  NEX for me was a word of mouth referral when I asked a wedding photographer what he was shooting with.  But I think I was the only one who asked.  At even Best Buy with a separate shelf for the NEXes, most gravitate to the N & C DSLRs.  Sony has kept NEX an advertising secret.  But in touristy Sausalito, I see a lot of tourists.  The Japanese tourists either tote a Leica or NEX.  They smile when I indicate I recognize their NEX.

But heck, I really don't care what Sony wants to call their next cameras!

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