"Nex" has become an iconic brand name...

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Re: "Nex" has become an iconic brand name...

The NEX was launched as a compact camera that just happened to be able to take more than one lens.  The hardware inside the box was quite good but the box itself pretty down-market and the controls and firmware were a bit of an insult to a technical user's intelligence.

Maybe they have improved.  I would not touch a NEX (seemingly forever) after waving them around in  a shop once.  Too lightweight for me in more ways than one.

Needed a mule for my Canon EF lenses that wasn't a Canon dslr box nor their own lightweight EOS-M "NEX beater".  I found that the NEX6 was an acceptably improved camera over the early NEX models and that the hardware was technically very good (as usual), but since using it and taking many fine images I find that the controls and firmware are still on the "light" side.  The A7 series seems to have made a decent step towards a "proper" camera for the more enthusiastically minded.

So the NEX may be "iconic" but only in the sense that it is a very good camera aimed at consumers as users and not as highly enthusiastic ones.

Many like myself might have "waved around" and early NEX and wiped all idea of it ever becming a brand of choice.  I was only perchance of an electronic adapter for Metabones that hauled me in over pre-conceived prejudices.  As a quality imaging device my prejudices were quite wrong, as an enthusiast's camera of choice maybe not so wrong.

Also the brand "NEX" having overcome its first mass-consumer inspired image is also far to close to the Samsung "NX" brand  series in the non-Sony mindset and easily confused if you are a camera brand free-agent.

Therefore if Sony wishes to project to a more serious user camera base the NEX might not be working for them other than to the already converted.

Maybe the NEX brand could continue but I think that market is already fleshed out and Sony might now be aiming for a higher level image.  Canon stepped down into NEX-image territory with the EOS-M and I suggest they had their face slapped.  Now Sony wishes to mix it with the major dslr manufacturers (for their share of that market) and as such needs a different aura than consumer-camera.  The A series handed down from the Minolta days might  be considered a better bet.

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